DNAY1100C Rotogravure Printing Machine
DNAY1100C Rotogravure Printing Machine
Printing width800mm1100mm
Material width830mm1130mm
Printing cylinder diameterφ100-350mmφ100-350mm
Printing speed150m/min150m/min
Unwind diameter600mm600mm
Rewind diameter600mm600mm
Register accuracy±0.1mm±0.1mm
Total power140KW150KW
Suitable materialBopp,pet,pe,pvc,cpp,nylon,paper
DNAY800.1100C Computerized Register Rotogravure Printing Machine

Characteristics of the DNAY800.1100D Rotogravure Printing Machine:
1. The entire process is controlled by 7 servo motors.
2. Max. printing speed: 150m/min.
3. Automatic splicing and cutting at unwind and rewind
4. Automatic tension control
5. Dancer roll is available for adjusting the tension.
6. Shaftless printing cylinder installation
7. Heavy doctor blade design
8. High print accuracy
9. All the components are processed by our CNC machining center.

Demonstrated here is the DNAY800.1100D computerized register rotogravure printing machine.

The pneumatic heavy doctor blade possesses a high level of precision. It can remove the ink completely on the printing cylinder, which results in an excellent print pattern and a long lifespan.

Our printing unit can be programmed into the PLC system. A touch screen is applied in the printing process for ease of operation.

  • 7 servo motor controlling system which can make tension close loop control, so we can make the material waste to the least.

  • Independent chassis without connection, the bolt will be installed into the ground which make machine more stable during high speed running.

  • Pneumatic heavy type doctor blade has a longer life and it can remove extra ink completely from the printing cylinder to make the printing more clear and shinning.

  • Special ink plate design make ink circulate more easily.

  • Automatic computer register which can make color control precise. Video inspection system, you can watch the printing picture by computer monitor, so that you will know the printing accuracy is good or not.

  • Independent drying and suction exhausting system, air circulated, max recycled rate 50%, waste air eliminating tunnel. External blower increase the air amount for a better heating.