GF800.1100B Energy Saving Medium-Speed Dry Laminating Machine
GF800.1100B Energy Saving Medium-Speed Dry Laminating Machine
Model GF800B GF1100B
Laminating layers 2 2
Laminating width 800mm 1100mm
Unwind diameter 600mm 600mm
Rewind diameter 800mm 800mm
Laminating speed 120m/min 120m/min
Max oven temperature 80℃ 80℃
Max heat drum temperature 90℃ 90℃
Power 60KW 70KW
Weight 6000KG 6500KG
Dimension 10300*2470*3200mm 10300*2770*3200mm
Suitable material plastic+plastic, plastic+aluminum foil, plastic+paper, plastic+non woven
Energy Saving Medium-Speed Dry Laminating Machine

Main Features of the GF800.1100A Dry Laminating Machine:
1. Lamination width: up to 1100 mm
2. Laminating speed range: 50m~80m/min (adjustable)
3. Max. rewind and unwind diameter: up to 1 m
4. Length of the drying tunnel: up to 6 m

Assembling the GF800.1100A energy-saving, medium-speed dry laminator

The first unwind unit is equipped with EPC device which helps to prevent the machine from moving left or right.

The hot drum is a heating system which can tightly laminate two layers of materials.

In order to prevent our machine from moving left or right, the second unwind unit is also provided with EPC device.

The edge position control (EPC) system is installed at the outlet of the drying tunnel. It guides materials correctly, ensuring a highly stable performance when speeding up or slowing down.

Gluing unit

The exhaust gas system runs with secondary circulation. It helps to minimize the amount of residual solvents.

Unwind air shaft is controlled by magnetic powder brake.

Each unwind has one EPC device the prevent the material moving left or right.

Pneumatic oven open and close, length 9 meters, it is convenient for guiding material.

3 pace oven temperature independent control, we can adjust suitable temperature for each pace according to material drying. Constant hot air drying and recycled system, air circulation system, waste air exhausting tunnel, it can save the power and get the smelly air out of oven and resident solvent out of material which is healthy for the food package and better for environment.

EPC at the oven exit ensures the material not moving left and right during speeding after heating.

Gluing with anilox roller which is shaftless installation, it can save time for installing the roller.Gluing is inverter motor control, it can make gluing more accurate.