GSFQ1300B Automatic High-Speed Slitting Machine
GSFQ1300B Automatic High-Speed Slitting Machine
Model GSFQ1300B
Width 1300mm
Unwind diameter 800mm
Rewind diameter 600mm
Paper core diameter 76mm or 152mm
Slitting speed 400m/min
Slitting width 30-1300mm
Slitting precision 0.5mm
Power 11KW
Weight 4000KG
Dimension 4200*2800*1800mm
Suitable material Plastic film,paper,non woven,pp woven
Automatic High-Speed Slitting Machine

Main Benefits of the GSFQ1300B Automatic High-Speed Slitting Machine:
1. Compact structure encourages space saving storage.
2. Servo motor and PLC control system makes this equipment easy to operate.
3. Multi-stage tension control design
4. The hydraulic system can perform loading automatically.
5. Rewinding platform available
6. Laser paper core positioning
7. Optional slitting methods
8. Differential rewind shaft is provided.

Shown here is the GSFQ1300B automatic high-speed slitting machine, which has been well assembled and tested.

The high-precision differential rewinding shaft can perform multi-stage tension control, which can ensure the finished products are trimmed neatly.

The laser positioning system can position the paper core with ease.

The use of rewinding platform removes the need for secondary loading, which helps to save much time and labor costs.

The unwinding unit works with a shaftless hydraulic loading system, which makes this equipment very friendly to users.

The pneumatic brake is utilized to control the unwinding process. It features outstanding performance and long service life.

Main motor and two rewind shaft is controlled by servo motor, comparing with inverter motor, servo motor has more precise controlling and not easy do break down.